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Is there any scenario where you might come around to the view that the bargain was, in fact, worth making?

French: I am very willing to be persuaded that he will ultimately be a better president than Hillary Clinton.

We supported Constantine, and Harry Truman, and many other imperfect men who were better than the alternatives.

I can put up with Donald Trump’s old Howard Stern tapes all day long, compared with that.

There are not two standards of morality depending on judicial appointments or regulatory reform.

Douthat raises with Zmirak the issue of Trump and Trump’s GOP driving away people who aren’t already onside with Republicans.

I know it’s fashionable to scorn “mainstream” or “respectable” politicians or ministers, but these individuals at least had the virtue — as imperfect as they were — of a degree of personal honor and integrity.

The church always must be mindful of its witness, and it can’t sacrifice its moral credibility to a culture by declaring, “I did it for the judges.” I belong to the camp of Christians who are grateful when Trump makes good decisions but also quite mindful that our political witness is inseparable from our Christian witness.

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