Coffeyville teen

Her door is right across the hall for the school’s auditorium and she noticed that the lights in auditorium were flickering on and off and there were voices coming from it.She thought that it was some students that had stayed in the building and were goofing off.The next day Molly was found dead, hanging by her neck in one of the park trees down in the hallow of the park, her clothes torn.Some believe that her date got to excited and killed her when she refused to go all the way with him. It's unlike any other cemetery; It has no real paths leading up to it. There have been multiple reports of Blue orbs floating around and even reports of Demonic voices and an old man walking through the cemetery.She suddenly heard music coming from the auditorium, so she grabbed her key went to the door unlocked it and opened it.She almost passed out at what she saw, she saw a ghostly looking lady playing an instrument.

The teen did as he was dared, but suddenly the group heard a sound behind them and turned to see what it was and there was nothing there.So when they turned around to see if there friend was still sitting there. Thinking that it was a joke he was playing they left and figured they'd see him tomorrow. Over the years there have been other stories of people sitting on the Devil's Chair and never being seen again.Some people say that it's the farmer reaching through the now old rotted broken boards and getting revenge on the town that took his land away from him.a woman has died there she was bowling and her finger got shuck in the ball and the ball clobbered her in the head. When you go there you can here foot steps and doors in the girls bathroom shudder. when they changed Wal-mart to a super center a man who died(1978) in the parking lot was mad. A dashing man in a smoking jacket is sometimes seen upstairs as well.the pins will knock down by themselves and no one is around. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Coffeyville and has many graves over 100 years old, including the graves of the fallen Dalton Gang and the town's Defenders from the gun battle of October 5, 1892 that ensued when the Dalton Gang attempted to rob two banks at once in downtown Coffeyville.

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