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It's great when it happens, but it usually takes time! Sexual feelings can be strong, and you may feel confused. In our section on dating and sexual feelings, you can read about deciding about sex, why waiting makes sense, talking to your partner about sex, birth control, and more.

Keep in mind that the sex in movies, music, and TV shows often doesn't reflect real or healthy relationships. Trust your instincts and treat yourself with respect — and make sure your crush does, too. Talk with the other person ahead of time about what you will and will not do physically.

Party weekends with the girlies have turned into movie nights in with the boyf. Seems thoughtful, but there's a fine line between sweetheart and freak. Just as spontaneity scares the sh*t out of him NOT being in total control does too.

He even gets annoyed when you go out with your girls and tries to guilt trip you out of it Every. Everything down to what you do, what you wear, what you eat and where you go comes right down to him.​He will also try to change little things about you like your personal style, hair do' and even go as far as correcting you every time you make a so-called 'mistake'.

Pay attention to your interactions and evaluate whether your friend is being condescending or standoffish. Someone who seems pessimistic is more likely to be jealous.

If your friend is jealous of you, talk it out and work on a mutual solution.

Here are some tips for thinking about when you might start seeing someone: Ask yourself: Talk to your parents or guardians about starting to date.

You also can read about signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Monitoring Your Interactions Paying Attention to Your Friend's Behavior Coping with a Jealous Friend Community Q&A Sometimes friends let the green-eyed monster get the better of them.

If a friend is jealous of you, there are many ways to take note of this.

If you think the person you're dating is abusive, get help.

Talk to your parents or guardians or other adult you trust. If you have been raped, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline online or at 800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673).

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