Dating women with long natural fingernails

The round nail shape is also a safe choice because it's easy to maintain and complements longer fingers or larger hands.

To achieve this shape, start as you would with a sqaure nail and then round the nail out at slight angle or follow the curve of your fnger.

“If you’re taking off a lot of length, filing alone would take a long time.

So, I snip them first—slightly longer than I want—then work on the shape with a file.” As for the type of file, there are a variety to choose from, including glass files, metal files, and emery boards.

Tremlin uses a glass file because of the fine grit of the board.

A glass nail file is made from small crystals and this type of file lasts longer than emery files or metal files.

To start this shaping process, mark a spot in the center of your nail and file toward that point.

See: The Nitty-Gritty On Nail Files Tremlin continues to say the only downside of using a clipper is the possibility of trimming off too much nail.Squoval Nails The in-between nail shape: not quite a square nail, but not quite an oval nail.This is also a strong nail choice since the majority of the nail is as wide as the nail bed, similar to square nails.It won’t slice steel in two, but it won’t break as easily either.To achieve this shape, trim your nails to the desired length and file nails in one direction straight across the entire nail.

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