Nackt self shut brandenburg havel

According to Becker, Brack told him the following: This program was known as Action T4.

Becker participated in the first "test", gassing 18 to 20 mentally ill convicts in a former prison known by the euphemistic name of The Brandenburg an der Havel National Institute, which later became known to history as a Nazi killing center (NS-Tötungsanstalt).

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Robot” 04, “My Zoe”, “Nail Biter” (aka “Adopt A Highway”), “Natural History”, “Newsflash”, “Nightmare Alley”, “No One Would Tell”, “The Oa” 02 (aka “Untitled Leonora Project”), “One Thousand Paper Cranes”, “Only”, “Operation Red Dog”, “Origin”, “The Other Lamb”, “The Outpost”, “The Panicking Fly”, “Pet Sematary”, “The Phantom Tollbooth”, “Poms”, “Possessor”, “Power”, “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”, “The Punisher” 02 (w/t “Crime”), “Queen Of The South” 03, “The Rookie”, “Sacred Lies”, “Salvation” 02, “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark”, “Selah And The Spades”, “Shazam!

Generally his role was to provide important technical support, but on at least one occasion he personally gassed about 20 people.

August Becker was born on 17 August 1900 in Staufenberg in the German state of Hesse. He was inducted into the German Army towards the end of World War I.

This agency was on the Bernerstrasse in the Grunewald.

At this time Werner Best was in charge of RSHA Amt VI.

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